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Air Conditioning | Renewable Leads |

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning of all types installed and supplied by Renewable Lead Renewables

When it comes to air conditioning, our professional service and quick response times set us apart from other contractors. We are there when you need us.

Renewable Lead installers have over 30 Air Conditioning experience and are equipped to provide the best solution for both residential and commercial air conditioning requirements.

Renewable Lead Air Conditioning sources quality products directly from the manufacturer, so with no “middle man” we can offer you the highest quality solution at the most affordable price. We guarantee it!

Trust Renewable Lead Air Conditioning when it comes to quality air conditioning. We sell and install reliable air conditioning systems for any type of property. We also service all major brands, including Mitsubishi, Samsung, Daikin and Fujitsu. We aim to help residential and commercial clients enjoy a more comfortable environment.

Flexible Service from One of the Most Trusted Air Conditioning Contractors.

A comfortable room temperature is crucial to maintaining the air quality inside a building. If temperatures are too hot or too cold, it can have a negative impact on both the physical and mental well-being of the occupants.

A good air conditioning system is proven to improve focus and productivity, so make sure that you give us ato ensure that your air conditioning unit is well-maintained and functioning properly at all times.

Our team can handle all your cooling needs. Our expertise in multiple brands and models allows us to provide custom climate control solutions. Our split and ducted air systems are designed to meet your property’s specific cooling requirements. We offer discounts to make our products and services more affordable

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Wall mounted air conditioning units Kerry Cork Limerick

Great for B&Bs, dental clinics, beauty salons, living rooms, bed rooms even rooms with expensive high voltage equipment and hotels. Our Wall mounted unit, which combines small size with high efficiency and quiet operation.
They are installed directly on the wall, about 10-20 cm below the ceiling. Wall mounted air conditioners are fully automated, and are conveniently programmed by a wireless remote control.

Cassette style Air conditioners

Cassette style Air conditioners

This style of Air conditioner are specially designed for offices, as well as retail and restaurant environment. The cassette fits perfectly into ceiling grids. Cassette Air Conditioning units are installed directly in the ceiling and finished with a decorative panel. This location allows distribution of warm or cool air. The air is distributed along the ceiling, then gently descends along the walls. This type of air conditioners provides an optimal solution for commercial businesses.

Floor Console Air conditioners

Floor Console Air conditioners Cork Limerick

These Air conditioners designed perfectly for discreet integration on walls. The floor console unit is particularly suitable for installation in offices and shops under sill trims or attics. Its unobtrusive appearance makes it irreplaceable everywhere, where other models can not be used.

Ceiling Air conditioners

Ceiling Air conditionersPro Renewable and SEO

Celling air conditioner units are mounted directly to the ceiling, can also be possible to install the support structure attached to the wall. The important distinguishing feature of ceiling air conditioners from other models, is the distribution of the air stream – just below the ceiling. The air flows initially at high speed along the ceiling, then slows down to gently fill in the room.

Ceiling Duct Type Air conditioners.

Ceiling Duct Type Air conditionersPro Renewable and SEO Designed for homes, offices, retail and restaurants. Duct type units allow central distribution of air from one device to multiple rooms at the same time. The air is sent through ducts from one central location to heat or cool several places. The duct type air conditioner automatically adjusts the temperature of the air flow, as the average temperature of the air-conditioned rooms. This allows you to maintain the same air parameters without the need to individually control the operation of the air conditioner in each and every room.

Which ever you pick you will be guaranteed Renewable Lead can Supply and InstallRenewable Lead

Floor Console Air conditioners Cork Limerick Ceiling Air conditionersPro Renewable and SEO Ceiling Duct Type Air conditionersPro Renewable and SEO Cassette style Air conditioners Wall mounted air conditioning units Kerry Cork Limerick


Multiple System air conditioners available

All split systems are quieter, more powerful and energy efficient than window/wall and portable air conditioners. Many split system air conditioners also come with handy built in features such as motion sensors, Wi-Fi and air purifiers or ionisers.

Single vs multi split system air conditioning

Both single and multi split system air conditioners have inside and outside units. A single split system air conditioner has one inside unit, whereas a multi split system can have multiple indoor units all connected to the one outdoor unit. Both single and multi split units are available as heating and cooling, or cooling only air outlet models.

A multi split system generally allows you to have up to five or more separate indoor units for different rooms in your house. The outdoor unit can be wall mounted if you live in a unit or have a multistorey house. Multi split systems are well suited for both residential and commercial use.

Multi split system air conditioning vs ducted air conditioning

If you need air conditioning in more than one room or area of your home but don’t have room to install ducted air conditioning then a multi split system is a great alternative.

Flexibility and convenience

Multi split system air conditioners offer unreal flexibility and convenience allowing you to choose the right indoor unit for each room of your house. You can install a high capacity air conditioner for larger living rooms and smaller, quieter ones for the bedrooms, all powered by the one outside unit. This allows you to control the temperature and environment in your home on room by room basis.

Being able to individually adjust the temperatures in each room you’ll save money and have maximum comfort by heating or cooling individual rooms. You can have up to five separate indoor air outlets all powered by a single outside compressor.

Energy efficiency

Energy saving settings combined with the ability to heat or cool individual rooms helps to reduce power and running costs. Choosing the right indoor air outlet unit to suit each room also ensures that you’re not wasting power. The wrong unit in a room can result in the air not being cooled properly and energy being wasted. A unit that’s too big for a smaller room also uses more power every time you turn it on compared to a smaller unit running for a longer period of time.

By operating multiple indoor air conditioners from the one external air compressor, multi split system air conditioners are among the most energy efficient of all air conditioners. Choose the most energy efficient inside air outlet units for maximum savings on your bill.

Installing a multi split system air conditioner

A multi split system air conditioner needs to be Due to the ozone depleting refrigerant gas used in air multi split system air and other air conditioners need to be professionally installed.Renewable Lead to supply and install your air conditioning unit

Pros of a multi split system air conditioner

There are many great reasons to consider a multi split air conditioner to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. These include:

  • energy efficiency
  • multiple indoor air outlets powered by the one outside compressor unit
  • ability to choose the most suitable and energy efficient air outlet unit on a room by room basis
  • adjusting temperatures to suit each room
  • more affordable to purchase and install compared to ducted air conditioning
  • you can add in extra air outlets later on down the track if needed
  • affordable maintenance, service, repairs and replacement of units.

Cons of a multi split system air conditioner

If you’re considering installing multi split system air condition you should also take the following into consideration:

  • Outdoor air unit need to be placed as close as possible to the indoor air outlet.

Multisplit system has a structure similar to the splits, with the difference that a single outdoor unit is connected to several indoor units that can be placed in different rooms. The work of this type of air conditioner can be controlled by pilots – each internal part of the evaporator has a separate remote control. Multisplit’s biggest advantage is, that only one unit is required to support multiple indoor units.