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Heat Pumps Installation | Renewable Leads |

Heat Pumps Installation

Heat Pump installation

Heat pumps extract the warmth from solar energy which is stored in the ground, water courses and in the air. The systems use electricity to drive a pump which extracts the warmth and upgrades it into useful heat. Fridges are heat pumps and work by the same principal but in reverse, moving heat from inside the fridge to outside, providing cooling for the inside.

There are 3 main options; Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps and Water Source Heat Pumps.

Renewable Lead supply and install heat pump to all business and public sectors.

Air Source Heat Pump
With air source heat pumps a fan draws air in to the unit and this flows over a closed loop of coiled piping circulating a fluid (either a mixture of water and anti-freeze or brine) which extracts the heat from the air. Air to water systems then use the heat to provide for central heating systems. Air to air systems mostly use fans to circulate heat into the property, but don’t produce hot water.

Ground Source Heat Pump
A ground source heat pump extracts heat from the ground by circulating a fluid through a closed loop of underground piping. This fluid absorbs the heat stored in the earth and carries it to the heat pump in the building.

Water Source Heat Pump
Water source heat pumps extract heat from a local water source and usually operate exactly like ground source heat pumps with a fluid pumped around a cyclical “closed” system. However, some systems are “open” and involve water being pumped out of the ground from a borehole and discharged via a heat exchanger to a river or sewer.

Combining Heat Pumps with Solar Energy
Heat pumps, being powered by electricity, are the perfect renewable energy partner for Solar Photovoltaic Panels (a method for generating electric power by using solar cells) as any free energy generated through solar power can be used to heat your home, so with careful use a heat pump and solar PV system in your home could mean an end to heating and electricity bills.

Heat Pump AWH V5+


All air source heat pumps operate under the same general principles.

However the differences in quality, technology and application vary drastically.

The new AWH V5+ series exhibits a number of cutting edge, technological and practical advances to create a comfortable living environment.

Nordic Style

The AWH V5+ series has been designed to fit in with the aesthetics of the modern home. The V5+ series comes with a grey powder coated metal housing, stainless steel cover and black coated grills and fans. These measures greatly improve the appearance of the unit but also serve to protect the longevity of the unit.

LEN Start Technology

The V5+ series contains our latest LEN technology. This technology allows the unit start the compressor and fan at their lowest setting. This technology prevents surges to the electrical system of the dwelling and reduces the noise of the unit.

DELA Design

The V5+ series represents the latest advancements in heat pump technology.  This series of heat pumps is of split design – DELA. In standard monoblock units the heating water for the dwelling flows through the outdoor unit where it is heated.

With the DELA design the heat generated by the outdoor unit is delivered to the indoor unit in the medium of refrigerant gas 410A. The heat energy in the gas is then transferred to the heating water in the indoor unit. This format greatly increases efficiency, especially in colder weather conditions and deicing cycles.

LÅG – Low Temperature

The efficiencies of heat pumps are maximised at lower temperatures. When they are utilised to generate high temperature the efficiencies drop dramatically especially in colder weather conditions.

This often results in the use of electric heaters and / or increased electrical bills. The V5+ series is a low temperature heat pump with its flow restricted to 48°C. With modern houses utilising underfloor and aluminium radiator heating the preferred flow temperature range is 30 -45°C.

For hot water generation we use the HEMERA hot water unit, which is specifically designed for hot water generation. This maximises the real life efficiency of the system.


Condensation often forms and freezes on the outdoor heat exchanger of a heat pump. This prevents air flow through the exchanger and so must be removed through a cycle known as defrosting.

Traditional defrosting cycles utilise the stored heat within a buffer or electric element to deice the unit steeling heat back from the dwelling and increased electrical consumption.

The V5+ series has a bespoke, proactive defrosting cycle, AVISA. An outdoor sensor on the heat exchanger indicates the beginning of freezing and before excessive ice builds up the AVISA cycle begins.

The AVISA cycle simply diverts hot gas around the heat exchanger, clearing the build up in moments and allowing the unit to revert back to providing heating.

Back Up Heather – Immersion

Immersions are often used to provide high temperature hot water, supplement the heating system and/or during defrosting cycles.

The V5+ series is one of the only heat pumps without an integrated electric heater.

At ES we believe that a truly efficient product, which has been developed to the highest of standards should not require boost or back up from additional heaters.

AWH V5+ Seamless Modulation

The V5+ series heat pump incorporates the latest inverter technology.

This technology allows a heat pump to match its output to suit the requirement of the dwelling.

The inverter technology continuously monitors the heating requirement of the dwelling. As the heat demand increases and decreases, the inverter increases the units output accordingly.

This technology drastically reduces energy consumption and creates an optimum living environment.

AWH V5+ also has Climate Adjustment Technology and works In conjunction with Seamless modulation the V5+ series

AWH V5+ Climate Adjustment technology

This technology works by increasing and decreasing the heat pumps flow temperature according to external temperatures.

The minimum and maximum desired flow temperatures are entered into the unit and the unit will control the flow temperature for the system based upon external, internal and desired temperatures.